Julie Ufema Biography

About me

Julie grew up on the south side of Chicago where she dreamed of becoming a famous actress and writer. After years of attempting to break into the business she moved on to a career in advertising as a production manager and copywriter. She then met her multi-talented husband, Jason, and settled down in Lewistown, PA to help run the family coffee business.

After deciding to start a family, Julie and Jason found themselves plagued with fertility problems. They had just about given up when their first son, Jett, was conceived. Julie and Jason were quickly blessed with a second son, Dane. Within days of Dane’s birth they received the shocking news that Dane had cerebral palsy and Jett was diagnosed with autism.

Not being the kind to crack under pressure, Julie and her family buckled down and made the best of a seemingly impossible situation. Julie, Jason, Jett, Dane and her in-laws all came together, under one roof, to help raise the boys to the best of their collective ability.

After three years of being in constant therapy mode with the boys, Jason convinced Julie that it was time for her to flex her creative muscles once again. Julie reinvigorated her entertainment career and wrote a narrative memoir chronicling the ups and downs of raising her two children with special needs. She also wrote, directed and produced ‘Caveat’, a psychological thriller that premiered in 2011 and continues to write and make films as time allows. She is also a key figure in their family business, Rich Coast Coffee.

Julie lives in Central PA with her husband, in-laws and two sons.