Anyone Want to Start a School?

Every year, about this time, I wander around the house, void of common sense, unable to successfully fake socially acceptable behavior or remotely control my emotions in any way. I dread the first day of school for many, many reasons. Let’s be honest. My children are not ‘normal’ by any stretch of the imagination. I have a brilliant, high functioning…

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Remember Me

How will my sons remember me?  Will they remember when I was at home, at their school, on stage, a certain role in a movie or maybe screaming like a crazed lunatic at someone that (I felt) might do them harm? I know how I remember my mom.  And no, she’s not gone.  She’s alive and well and living in…

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Much More… with Friends.

That’s me, pretending to know what I’m doing.  I didn’t.  I never wanted to get married, much less have kids, and then two kids… both with special needs, but there I was. Bottle in hand (theirs AND mine) I managed to pull it together, just enough, every single day to get through colic, cerebral palsy, autism, nervous breakdowns (again, theirs…

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