Do New

I did something new last night. I sang Christmas songs (seriously) – IN PUBLIC. Two things people who know me would say I would NEVER do: #1 – ‘seriously’ sing, or #2 – sing Christmas songs (seriously or otherwise). I credit my friends. I do things because I demand so much of them. They are SOOOO talented. I can only assume they’re not…

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Who is Phyllis Johnson!

She told me (in no uncertain terms) that no one EVER called her Phyl. So I called her Phyl Phyl. “Where is Phyllis Johnson!?!?”… The silence and stares that followed were mind numbing. “Where is Phyllis Johnson!?!?” I yelled once again. Why was I here, at my first theatre audition, searching frantically for this entity, this legend, this person of…

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Remember Me

How will my sons remember me?  Will they remember when I was at home, at their school, on stage, a certain role in a movie or maybe screaming like a crazed lunatic at someone that (I felt) might do them harm? I know how I remember my mom.  And no, she’s not gone.  She’s alive and well and living in…

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