I got a lesson in ‘community’ today. As I was painting feverishly at the arts center a man knocked on the window and mouthed, “Do you need some help?” I stupidly mouthed back, ‘That’s OK.” – not wanting to impose. Thank goodness he didn’t give up. He said, “I can paint!” Finally realizing that I should shut up and say…

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Who is Phyllis Johnson!

She told me (in no uncertain terms) that no one EVER called her Phyl. So I called her Phyl Phyl. “Where is Phyllis Johnson!?!?”… The silence and stares that followed were mind numbing. “Where is Phyllis Johnson!?!?” I yelled once again. Why was I here, at my first theatre audition, searching frantically for this entity, this legend, this person of…

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