Save Me

He changed my life. I met Rand when I was at my most vulnerable. I was truly lost and he seemed to ‘find’ me at the perfect time. I didn’t know anything about anything. He had a few years on me, a ton more savvy, taste, travel experience, education, intellect… He took me to try sushi for the very first time. We…

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Don’t Suck

I don’t actually know who is supposed to hate whom. Admittedly, I paid VERY little attention in high school when discussing political discord, warring nations, differing religions… not because I was lazy but because none of those things made any difference to me – AT ALL. The less I knew about who is supposed to hate whom the better. I…

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I got a lesson in ‘community’ today. As I was painting feverishly at the arts center a man knocked on the window and mouthed, “Do you need some help?” I stupidly mouthed back, ‘That’s OK.” – not wanting to impose. Thank goodness he didn’t give up. He said, “I can paint!” Finally realizing that I should shut up and say…

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Do New

I did something new last night. I sang Christmas songs (seriously) – IN PUBLIC. Two things people who know me would say I would NEVER do: #1 – ‘seriously’ sing, or #2 – sing Christmas songs (seriously or otherwise). I credit my friends. I do things because I demand so much of them. They are SOOOO talented. I can only assume they’re not…

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I think I’m there. I got a second cousin hit – A SECOND COUSIN. In the adoptee DNA world a second cousin hit is the mother load. I knew that this person and I shared great grandparents. Her grandmother’s cousin was my mother. But this second cousin match came up as anonymous. In the DNA world ‘anonymous’ is the kiss…

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