I did something new last night. I sang Christmas songs (seriously) – IN PUBLIC. Two things people who know me would say I would NEVER do: #1 – ‘seriously’ sing, or #2 – sing Christmas songs (seriously or otherwise).

I credit my friends.

I do things because I demand so much of them.

They are SOOOO talented.

I can only assume they’re not completely aware of that because they say things like, “Well, I’ve been practicing, but I could NEVER sing in front of people.” or “I’ve thought about it, but I could NEVER act in front of people.” Then there is the ever popular, “I always wanted to but…”


When I’m around my friends and they say such things I say, “Fine. I’ll go first.” I NEVER ask anyone to do anything that I wouldn’t be willing to do first. If someone is going to get dunked in a river for a film I wrote, better bet your butt I’m going in first! So at the Center this weekend we had some people, FULL of talent, a little hesitant to get up and do what they were meant to do.

I plopped my sorry butt down next to one of my incredibly talented friends and a remarkable ‘teen’ from theatre camp willing to back us up on guitar, and we started to sing. We were quickly joined by my bestie who normally refuses to even let me take her pic. Suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by friends, family, bystanders, shoppers, and simply people happy to see happy people!

We sang our festive little faces off and enjoyed every second of it, front and center, in the middle of town.

Who can say they’ve done that???

My friends.

Why? Because they allow themselves to be swept up in the moment and then enjoy every second of it. Live like that. Your life will change. Don’t be afraid to live imperfectly.

Be afraid to not live.


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