Don’t Suck

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I don’t actually know who is supposed to hate whom.

Admittedly, I paid VERY little attention in high school when discussing political discord, warring nations, differing religions… not because I was lazy but because none of those things made any difference to me – AT ALL.

The less I knew about who is supposed to hate whom the better.

I can’t even watch war movies (says the girl that makes horror movies). My stuff is fake. The true horror is that those war movies are real.

I once dated someone – a good three months – before I realized he was Jewish. Because seriously, who cares??? OK – so his mom cared a little. But she got over that quicker than I could say ‘I don’t really identify with one particular religion.’

My best friend is Jewish. Did I know that (for months) after we became so attached I would have slayed a dragon for her? Nope. Would it have mattered? Double nope.

I am not saying that being uneducated is the answer. Our past is something we should learn from. And if I’m ever feeling especially judgmental or jerky I might just have to refer back to our especially disgusting moments of ignorance and fear – moments that ignited unimaginable legacies of terror and destruction. You know, the crap that sadly still exists in our ‘oh so enlightened’ modern day.

I live by one simple rule: Don’t suck.

Seriously, it’s super easy: Don’t suck.

Believe whatever you want to believe. Worship, love, live whatever lifestyle you choose as long as – along the way – you simply DON’T SUCK.

It’s a general term but a tidy little guideline. Hard to cut outside those lines no matter how justifyingly creative one might be. (Yes, justifyingly is now a word, because I say so).

I see with clear eyes. I am not naive. I refuse to be jaded by a ‘whole people’ EVER. I am not biased by the masses.

It’s been a LONG time since high school and I still don’t need (or want) to know who is supposed to hate whom.

All I need to know is you.


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