Normal is a Four Letter Word – NARRATIVE MEMOIR (completed)
My son Dane was born three months premature with brain damage resulting in cerebral palsy. Soon after, my older son Jett was diagnosed with autism. This honest and frank, completed memoir chronicles the sometimes tragic but often hilarious account of survival during their first few years of life and my relentless search to find my missing medical history.

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Everybody’s Weird – Book of Poetry (in editing)
‘Everybody’s Weird’ is a collection of quirky children’s poetry written and illustrated by Julie Ufema. This book is dedicated to addressing the wonder and daily activities associated with her two son’s struggle for acceptance while living with special needs, a struggle that effects all ages because really, everybody’s weird.

5 for 5 Film Festival – A Film Fest and Competition (Founder/Director)
At the Lewistown 5 for 5 Film Fest, filmmakers will come together to premiere an original five-minute film that they write, shoot, and edit in only five days. The 5 for 5 Film Fest will surely draw an exciting array of talented teams, including amateurs, professionals, students, and local film fanatics.

Group 13 Productions
Group 13 Productions specializes in feature length films and creative web series shot in Central Pennsylvania.

GOOSED – Feature Film – Comedy
FRESH MEN – Feature Film – RomCom
PUSHED – Feature Film – Drama
NEXT OF KIN – Feature Film – Dark Comedy
STAY IN TOUCH – Feature Film – Thriller